2003-2011 MERCEDES BENZ R230 SL500 CENTRAL LOCKING VACUUM PUMP 230 800 06 48 Central Locking PSE Vacuum Pump Motor 2308000648

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Mercedes-Benz SL500 R230 Central Locking PSE Vacuum Pump 2308000648 MASTER Lock Vacuum Pump A2308000648 Vacuum Pump Door Suction Pump Motor Problem. With the increase of service time, door suction problem will generally arise.

When disassembling and assembling the clamp, we must pay attention to the fact that when disassembling and assembling, we can avoid the phenomenon that the clamp will not deform. If it is found that the clamp is loose when the clamp is inserted into the shaft, we can use tools to clamp the motor shaft. Remember not to press the clamp, the clamp is fragile.

Causes of this problem

1. Door suction and leakage

2. Door sinking

3. Aging fatigue of door suction motor.

After disconnecting the battery, the reconnection is to clear the door and suck the information stored in the computer, including the fault information.

But after a certain period of time, the computer will record the abnormal work of the door suction, such as the aging fatigue of the door suction motor, the motor working current increases, the motor overheating and other faults, the computer will fail to protect and stop the work of the door suction. In general, this fault can be repaired by replacing the door suction motor without air leakage and door sinking.

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