High intensity Discharge lamp Ballast D2R D2S rectifier USF FOR BMW Mercedes Benz Audi A6 Allroad RS6 5DV00776071 HLO 4B0 941 471 VORSCHALTGEAT Xenon-Licht 12V

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The price in the link does not have a light bulb. You need to contact customer service to modify the price. The default value of the matching light bulb is 4300k. If you need other color temperature, please contact customer service for confirmation!!! Thank you

This kind of ballast is special ballast for special vehicle, which is customized according to OEM specifications of the original vehicle. Built in high quality surface mount and through hole components. Directly insert and play the replacement, without programming or coding the special vehicle ballast.

The product uses C-Bus intelligent chip, fully automatic chip mounting and packaging, and the defect rate is less than 1 ‰; it supports flash and flash frequency

Basic parameters:

Input voltage: 9-16v

Maximum input current: 6A ~ 8A

Instantaneous starting voltage: ≥ 23KV

Output voltage waveform: square wave

Frequency: 250 ± 10Hz

Output open circuit protection: ≤ 1s

Output short circuit protection: ≤ 1s

Input voltage reverse connection protection: ≤ 1s

Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃

Service life: ≥ 30000 hrs

Why can we directly replace the original factory:

1. Using C-Bus intelligent chip and fully automatic chip mounting package, the defect rate is less than 1 ‰;

2. The C-Bus intelligent chip is highly compatible with the original vehicle equipment, which can better suppress the interference to the original vehicle computer;

3. 12V high-precision automatic regulating line;

4. High conversion efficiency > 90%, guarantee of service life;

5. Fast start, i.e. point on, 0.1s instant on, support fast stroboscopic, 1s / 2 times;

6. High brightness standard power output, the power error of 45W is only 1W; 7. C-Bus intelligent chip has super strong output voltage automatic regulation function, which adapts to the matching of bulb voltage of different manufacturers, and the bulb with the tube voltage of 40-150v can be normally lit and used;

8. C-Bus intelligent chip integrates all protection functions, constant power, automatic constant light regulation of high and low voltage to ensure the safety of use and constant light of lamps;

9. Normal and stable operation at - 40 ℃ and high temperature 105 ℃.

10. Built in common CANbus decoding circuit to reduce the interference to the car computer.

Product Code: 5dv00776071

Product nature: brand new

Adapted vehicles: 1999-2004 Audi A6 allroad RS6

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