LED driving of parking car light Applicable to USE FOR Mercedes Benz Land Rover range rover Cadillac XTS 10R-0413266 LED HIGH PERFORMANCE Scheinwerfer

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This kind of ballast is special ballast for special vehicle, which is customized according to OEM specifications of the original vehicle. Built in high quality surface mount and through hole components. Directly insert and play the replacement, without programming or coding the special vehicle ballast.

The product uses C-Bus intelligent chip, fully automatic chip mounting and packaging, and the defect rate is less than 1 ‰; it supports flash and flash frequency

Basic parameters:

Input voltage: 9-16v

Maximum input current: 6A ~ 8A

Instantaneous starting voltage: ≥ 23KV

Output voltage waveform: square wave

Frequency: 250 ± 10Hz

Output open circuit protection: ≤ 1s

Output short circuit protection: ≤ 1s

Input voltage reverse connection protection: ≤ 1s

Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃

Service life: ≥ 30000 hrs

Adaptable Product Code: 10r-0413266

Applicable models: Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, range rover, Cadillac XTS original car ballast damage replacement, as well as lamp modification and upgrading xenon lamp, small size, good effect

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